Dear Friend,
f you've tried to meditate, but found it difficult to "sit and do nothing" or "clear your mind," then this letter could literally change your life forever.
Here's why...

"Forget trying to stop your thoughts! Forget trying to be still or quiet! Forget trying to sideline the "monkey mind" and instead just do it! I'll explain in a minute, but first you might be wondering...

"Qi" means life-energy and "Gong" means exercise. So Qigong (pronounced "Chee-Gong")> means "energy exercise" in English. It's been practiced in China for literally thousands of years. The health benefits have been well documented.

What's REALLY exciting about Qigong Meditation is the amazing way it helps solve the problem faced by every meditator - beginner and experienced alike:

I'm sure you've experienced this - whether you're new to meditation or you've been practicing for years. You sit down and meditate and it's so difficult to focus! Your mind makes more moves than a novice chess player! It feels so frustrating at times ... not anymore!

Qigong Meditation is so effective because it gives the mind something active to do. You engage your mind. You follow specific "Qi-pathways" or "meridians" in your body and it feels so relaxing. You have specific physical, mental and emotional cues to follow as you're meditating.

Qigong meditation relaxes and aligns your posture, opens deeper conscious breathing, and enables you to feel the flow of Qi (life energy) through the meridians (energy pathways) and energy centres of your body. When doing qigong you experience a sense of unity with the wholeness of life.

My name is Kevin Schoeninger and I'm a certified Senior Qigong Instructor under the tutelage of Master Tianyou Hao. I'm a trainer and meditation teacher. I have been assisting clients for 25 years in the field of Tai Chi, meditation, and holistic fitness. I've studied a lot of different approaches over the years. These Qigong Meditation techniques are the most powerful transformational tools I have ever found.

As you can tell, I believe very strongly in the power of Qigong Meditation as a tool to transform our lives and the world. I've studied and practiced many different systems and even travelled to China, the birthplace of Qigong, to get this knowledge first-hand.

Over the last 20 years I've researched, practiced, and refined these techniques into a simple, effective, and easy-to-follow program.

"This program contains invaluable tools and insights that have helped me find greater balance and gain deeper insight into my life. Whether you want to learn more about meditation, need release from your daily stress, or you seek higher consciousness, I highly recommend Kevin's Qigong Meditation Course!"

J. V. Crum, III MBA, JD, MS Psy
Founder of the Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC

"Learn Qigong Meditation" is designed for anyone at any level, whether you're just starting to meditate, or you've practiced other meditation systems and you're looking to deepen and expand your practice.

It's a 7-week program taking you right from the start with the basics, progressively through to more advanced practices. I have put this program together to be practical and effective by giving you the most beneficial techniques from the wide array that I have researched, studied, and taught.

This course has been 15 years in the making. The techniques have been refined and the presentation simplified to give you the benefit of 3000 years of Chinese research in a program that relates to our experience of stress in Western culture today."

  • Calm and focus your mind!
  • Shift out of stress mode quickly and easily!
  • Improve your health and boost your energy!
  • Deepen your clarity and insight!
  • Let go & open to the opportunities in your life!
  • Find more control in your life!
  • Awaken to a deeper level of connection and spiritual awareness!

1) You'll Reduce Stress! The key ability you'll discover is how to shift from a mode of stress, anxiety or tension into what I call a "core energy state" which is a state of relaxed, clear, present awareness. That's an ability that will benefit all of us, just from a psychological or well-being standpoint.

2)You'll Enjoy Great Physical health! Qigong meditation is phenomenal for your physical health. According to Qigong theory, any illness or injury in the body is the result of a disruption or restriction of life energy flow. Qigong meditation specifically works with the pathways of life energy through the body and through the internal organs to open up a smooth Qi flow, or a smooth life energy flow through the body. The health benefits of that are phenomenal.

3)You'll Enjoy Deeper Spiritual Development! You will learn to focus clearly, concentrate your mind and develop your powers of spiritual intention by following the exercises.

First and foremost, you will get 8 guided meditations. There is 1 standing meditation and then 7 different seated meditations, which go from a very simple relaxation meditation through leading energy through the internal organs and learning about the energetic anatomy of the body.

One unique thing about this course is that each meditation is only 15 minutes in length. I've done that specifically so that people who are busy, stressed out or feeling like they just donít possibly have the time to sit down for an hour of meditation can do this very easily in the context of a busy life.

Blocking out 15 minutes, either in the morning or last thing in the day - really any time during the day that is consistent - you can learn these practices and get the benefit with only 15 minutes of practice.

Of course, if you want to meditate for longer you can - and you'll absolutely benefit by doing so. Once you know the techniques you can extend your meditation time as long as you like

If you follow the course as it's laid out in the course book, there is standing meditation followed by some movement to release tension from the body. Then there's a seated meditation followed again by some stretching and movement to move energy through the body.

You will practice the standing and the first seated meditation in Week One, and then go to Week Two: standing meditation with the second seated meditation, and so on, through seven weeks of the course.

The course includes a guided audio so you can just put on a CD to listen and follow along. There are also written instructions in which you can read more detailed explanation of the history of Qigong and the explanations of the meditations.

We've also included an interview with Matt and myself that's about 45 minutes long, where we talk more in depth about Qigong and how to approach your practice. The course book itself has log sections so you can keep track of your practice and interact with the material, which gives the practice more substance and helps you to process what's going on as you work your way through the course.

Finally, I offer e-mail support. You can e-mail me with any questions you have as you go through the course. I love to interact with people as they are going through the exercises, and just help you along with whatever you need.

..."If you want to shift out of stress mode, improve your health and energy, clear and focus your mind and awaken your spiritual awareness, I invite you to make a small investment in yourself by purchasing this program. I am confident that practicing these techniques will give you rich rewards.

I've been working with clients for 25 years in the field of Holistic Fitness. The Qigong Meditations in this program are the single most powerful transformational tools that I have found. I've invested much of my life learning, researching, studying and practicing Qigong Meditation.

I've refined this instruction down to the most essential and effective techniques so that you will get results as quickly and easily as possible in this step-by-step program. Give this a try for 7 weeks and I'm sure that you will experience a real shift in the quality of your life. You will gain skills that you can use for a lifetime.

Scroll down for more information, testimonials and a special limited time offer...."

"I have had a new energy from day one. Feeling very happy (increase in serotonin/endorphins maybe?) deep belly laughs, smiling, not tired. Seem to have an amazing calmness & new vitality. I've never been so relaxed in all my life. Muscles in face & body seem so relaxed. Maybe I forgot that this is the natural state for people to be in? I must have been carrying a great deal of tension perhaps. Also, better mental clarity & better decision making at work & at home. . .Congrats on a tip top course." Hamish, Australia

--- --- ---

I was on anti-depressant medication for several years until I began to practice qigong meditation. After several months of regular practice I was able to be in charge of my life and my thoughts. I can focus and concentrate and directly connect with spiritual awareness." M.L. Augustine, CO, USA

--- --- ---

"I started with meditation practice in 1973. I have had many good meditation instructors, but Kevin is by far the best I have ever known. He is present and practices everything he teaches every moment" Marjorie S. McCurtain, CO, USA

--- --- ---

"This program contains invaluable tools and insights that have helped me find greater balance and gain deeper insight into my life. Whether you want to learn more about meditation, need release from your daily stress, or you seek higher consciousness, I highly recommend Kevin's Qigong Meditation Course!" J. V. Crum, III MBA, JD, MS Psy Founder of the Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC

--- --- ---

"I began using these Qigong meditations over a year ago to help relieve chronic pain in my lower back. I have achieved a heightened awareness of the body/mind connection through these exercises and visualizations. They melt the stored stress in the muscles and calm the mind which generates it. I highly recommend these Qigong meditations as a simple yet effective way to feel better. Karen Robuck, CO, USA

If, like Hamish (above), you've been meditating for a while and you're ready for a fresh approach to deepen your practice, you'll find that this program is the most complete approach to self-development through meditation because it works with cues for your body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

This course has been 15 years in the making. The techniques have been refined and thepresentation simplified to give you the benefit of 3000 years of Chinese research in a program that relates to our experience of stress in Western culture today.

To hire a personal trainer, you're looking at a minimum of $50 per hour and that's not for specialist training like Qigong Meditation. 3 sessions a week and you'd be up to $600 for the month easily. That's assuming all the hassle of trying to track down a good teacher paid off!

But we're not going to charge you anywhere near that. In fact, your total investment for "Learn Qigong Meditation" is just $147 or just $97 for the downloads. And because we want you to experience the power of this for yourself, if you order now, we'll even throw in:

Needless to say, this is program is packed full of the highest quality information on the topic. To our knowledge, you'll not find a more comprehensive program on Qigong Meditation in any e-book or course. Even so, just to make this even better, we're also going to give you two great bonuses to reward you for taking action right now...

Quick Start Audio Transcripts:
Just listen to this CD/MP3 for an overview of the program so you know exactly how to get started as well as how and when to use all the program materials.

Matt Clarkson's "Secrets Of Abundant Energy" Practice CD
(in MP3 download format only). As you listen to the very beautiful, relaxing music and follow the instructions, you are guided through a walking breathing exercise. This helps to open the channels and relax the body before practicing the seated Qigong Meditations.

We stand completely behind this product and we know that if you apply the materials of this course, you'll be healthier, happier and more alive than ever. In fact, in 90 days I guarantee that...

  • You can meditate deeply and easily whenever you want!
  • You're really enjoying your meditation practice, like never before!
  • You're FAR less stressed! When you do encounter stress, you can quickly
    and easily shift out of it into a "core energy" state!
  • You have more energy, feel more alive and spiritually connected!
  • Your creativity has skyrocketed!
  • Your relationships have taken on a deeper sense of love and connection!

The reason we're giving you such a bold guarantee is that we know that diligent practice of this material will change your life forever. But even though we can guarantee the power of this material, we cannot guarantee that you will follow through and use it.

We're happy to do this for you with one serious stipulation - you have to agree to do your bit and DO the exercises regularly.

And if after 90 days you honestly feel you've done your part and you still are not 100% satisfied, then I don't deserve to keep your money. As long as you have followed through on the material, simply return the product for an immediate no-hassle refund.

If you've tried other meditation systems and been frustrated, if you've meditated for a while and need a new perspective, or if you are afraid that you don't have enough time or ability to meditate, this program is for you.

I promise that if you make this small investment in yourself, Qigong Meditation will reward you with amazing calmness and renewed vitality.

When you order now, not only will you get this powerful program, you will also receive my support every step of the way. Feel free to email me directly with your questions. I look forward to hearing from you. So, go right ahead, get your copy of "Learn Qigong Meditation" now...

Be happy,
Kevin & Matt
Kevin Schoeninger & Matt Clarkson

PS. If you've tried to meditate, but found it difficult to "sit and do nothing" or "clear your mind," these Qigong meditation secrets will transform your life! In as little as 15 minutes a day you can meditate with ease as you discover lasting happiness & emotional well-being!"

PPS. Remember your order is backed by our 100% risk-free guarantee. If for whatever reason you're not thrilled with this program, just return the course within 90 days of receipt for a no-questions-asked full refund (as long as you've followed through on your part of our agreement and practiced the material). We can't be fairer than that, can we? So what are you waiting for...



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